whats ur ethnicity? asked by Anonymous


do have tattoos asked by Anonymous


do you think that he'll ask you to marry him? asked by Anonymous

expectation is the root of all heartache..

what do you want you're next tattoo to be? asked by Anonymous

either a crown that i made with the birthstones of my parents and my sister. or the fairy tail symbol to represent my closest group of friends, which who are kind of my family..






we are 16 years old please stop saying “fudge” instead of “fuck” 

what if we said “fuck” instead of “fudge”

like “oh man i could go for some hot fuck on my sundae”

sounds about right

cornelius fuck

#and then it became a harry potter post like all perfect posts do

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the deepest purple



what happened to old zealand

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so we canceled our mini vacay to SD for our 5th next year…

i noticed that it could be a lot of money and we could spend that on something we are aiming for later like we could invest in his new car cuz his car now is very unreliable, or save a new place once we reach a certain stability in our bank accts which is mainly just me, or whenever we need a little break from saving lololol.

its okay, better vacations will come later on. save now play later!

on the other hand it is his year to choose what we are going to do for our next anniversary. so im excited to see what he’ll come with!! at least in the mean time i could just start saving on things ive been waiting for. like my next tattoo. ive been craving for it for 2 years now. sooo that will be my next thing i will get :)

well, he's an extremely very lucky man. and i hope you and him happiness... asked by Anonymous

oh umm, thank you..

you too

That was last night but thank you :33 asked by hai-zo-nut

oh aww i hope you’re okay hai-zo-nut